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Momma Tarot

soul sister healing arts studio


In Person Readings

This is my favorite kind of reading for my clients.  You the querent get to be up close and personal shuffling the tarot deck, putting your beautiful energy into the cards!   Come into my beautiful private tarot studio to meet with me and let’s throw down some cards and see what’s going on in your life! 

In person readings start at $65.    Plan to spend an hour for your first reading, to go over everything.  I don’t charge by the minute.   I don’t beleive in timers during my tarot readings.  I like to take my time with each client to give the proper attention to their individual situation.  

What To Bring

 Bring a clear mind and an open heart.  I am not a mind reader, I’m a card reader.   So be prepaed to work with me as a team to uncover the message the cards hold for you.  The more you can tell me about your situation the more I can use the cards to get answers for you.  It is possible to do a cold read with no prior knowledge of your situation and spread the cards down in a wildcard fashion and see what they tell us and observe what messages wants to come out. My preferred reading style is a more informed structured approach as I feel it gets better results.  I can read both ways.


 I do face to face readings 4 days a week. $65 minimum 

Tuesday - Saturday starting at 1:00pm

However I don’t do Early Morning times or Sunday/Mondays 

I am taking walk in readings on Tuesdays from 6:00pm - 10:00pm with no minimum. All other days require appointment.💋


Amy Lynn