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Momma’s Tarot Facts


Who can get a tarot reading? Anyone 18 and over may book a reading with me.


What can a tarot reading do for me?

Tarot can offer guidance, self improvement, self exploration, healing, truth, and clarity to life situations.


Where do the messages come from?

They come from your subconscious, ancestors, spirit guides, universe, and the divine.


When should you consult the tarot?

Many turn to the tarot in troubled times, or when tough choices need to be made.  These are great examples of situations when the tarot can help.  We can also consult the tarot to promote personal growth and pinpoint areas we need to work on to find the right balance in our lives.


Why do people turn to tarot?

So simple, it helps people!


How does tarot work?

Tarot is a sacred tool that holds a message for you.  Your whole life is contained in those 78 cards.  Everything that will happen to you and all the people you will meet.  Amazing right!  The querent (that’s you) seeks answers and the reader decodes and interprets the message that was meant for you.

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Amy Lynn