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General Reading



Let’s see what messages you need the most at this time in your life.

We will look at the past, current challenges, what’s most relevant for you right now, who is showing up in your life, what your thinking about, influences around you, and short and long term outcomes.

I will pull one or two oracle cards or runes to add another layer to your message.  It’s important for you the querent to be open in a general reading to the messages coming thru for you.  

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Love Reading




This reading examines your relationship with another person. It will address feelings, thoughts, fears, current and long term energy in the connection.  I combine tarot, lenormand, and oracle cards for this big 20 plus card reading. 

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Year Ahead Reading


12 Month 


This is a look at the next 12 months of your life.  

New Years is a great time for this but can be done at any time. Overview using 13 Tarot Cards plus one Oracle CardI will share with you a mantra for the year as well!

6 month Tarotcast can be done for  $40

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Past Life Reading


This a very large 18 card spread.  

It takes time to work thru this one with me, so allow 1-2 hours for this reading.

It is super interesting and a few areas covered are when, where, who you were.  As well as your occupation, relationships, death, and karma.  Warning : you must be ok with learning difficult information about yourself in a past life.  It can sometimes be very emotional and overwhelming .

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Shadow Reading



For the courageous....

Let’s explore your shadow side, or the part of yourself you don’t want to face.This reading will reveal to you what the shadow you need to work on is, as well as where to start to heal this side of yourself.  Advice on how to move forward on your shadow work journey will be interpreted in this spread. 

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Soul Purpose Reading

SOUL PURPOSE TAROT READING $65-$100 (1 or 2 part reading)

Looking for what your purpose is in life?  Feeling lost? Let me calculate your soul purpose card using tarot and numerology.  This reading will let you know what you are meant to be doing!

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Vision Board



This is a private one on one session with me to create a vision board for your personal goals.  We will incorporate tarot cards into the process and add mantra on the back.  I will provide a trifold board and all materials needed.  It’s a great way to get crafty and get direction in your life.

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Amy Lynn