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Momma’s Tarot School

Tarot Decks for beginners, available in the SS shop✨
Tarot Decks for beginners, available in the SS shop✨

Everyone Can Learn Tarot

 Classes Currently Offered



Taught and written by Amy Lynn

This is a 2 hour class 

Introduction to working with the tarot.

The focus is to learn your way around the tarot deck in order the start reading cards for yourself.  Everyone can learn and read tarot!  We will look at the history, deck structure, basics, and ways to read a tarot card.  Everything you need to know to get started on your journey with the tarot.

I recommend you purchase a standard Rider Waite Smith deck for the class.

All other instructional materials are provided. 

This class runs frequently throughout the year. 

Cost is $30



Taught and written by Amy Lynn

8 week course meeting weekly

This course is a big time commitment, keep that in mind before registration! 

The Tarot 101 course will cover every card in the deck, yep all 78 cards will be covered.

The art of reading tarot is a skill you will develop and use your whole life. 

We will start with the history, structure, and all the tarot basics before diving into the individual suits and cards.  This is a basic but comprehensive course to become familiar with the tarot with an emphasis on developing  your own style of reading, and relationship with the cards. Simple tarot spreads to work with are included and introduced each week. The course is based on the standard Rider Waite Smith deck meanings.  You will need to purchase your own Rider Waite Smith tarot deck.  All other instructional materials are included.  

This course is offered 2 x per year Early Spring(April/May) and Fall(September/October)

Cost is $250

This class must be paid in full to attend

Space is limited 

You may register in advance for this course by placing a $20 deposit that is applied to your class, deposit is non refundable if you fail to enroll when remainder is due.  

To pay $20 registration fee ⬇️ Use link



Taught and written by Amy Lynn

2 hour class

Tarot 202 is a course for intermediate students who have a solid foundation of the tarot meanings and have some experience working with the cards.

We will learn new tarot techniques and apply timing, clarification, significators, reversals, and learn the Celtic Cross tarot spread.  

Cost is $25

Amy Lynn